Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some photos from Cable Beach and Walmadany (James Price Point)

The protest tent set up on the road into Walmadany (James Price Point.)

Track into Walmadany - nice and bumpy.

Note the tarp in the back windscreen - due to be fixed tomorrow!

Just such a beautiful place, I can't imagine seeing mining infrastructure on the horizon.
Untouched, magical beach.

Brannen dipping his toes into saltwater country with Luke.

Pristine beaches go for miles.

Kimberley Gas Protest - Eden style!

Looking for little fishes.

Brannen and daddy playing with sand.

Brannen and mummy.
Running from waves.

A protest banner.

On Cable Beach - camel riding.

Our camel was named Tiny. He was flipping huge.

Fantastic family experience.

Playing in the rock pools after the tide went out.

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