Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Ongoing To-Do List

There is always much to do around here. It can feel like as you tick one item off 'the list', three more jobs pop up. Whether it be housework, keeping lunchboxes filled, garden maintenance or keeping up with the work that animals create, it can be difficult to stay on top of things. I often tell Nath that I can only be awesome at three things at once, and I am definitely looking forward to having him around more!

Some of the things on my list currently are.....

Mucking out chicken pens, and putting the old straw etc onto our compost heap. This weekend we are also doing another cull of our young roosters and old chooks and moving all the other chickens into the one pen up the back. The driveway pen will be dismantled so we can build an enclosure for our goats.

Sewing up a flannelette doona cover for our bed using vintage single bed sheets that my mum gave me, cut into patches. I have finished making winter doona covers for the girls - simply by sewing single bed flat flannelette sheets together.

Finishing (I hope) the curtains for the kids' room. The curtains they have in there currently are a wee bit short and let too much cold air in through the gap. Poor Eden sleeps under the window where the draught is.

Filling up the freezer with bulk-cooked lunchbox goodies.

Weeding some more of the garden.

I'm coming to an acceptance, even a love, of winter clover. It can stay.

Bottling kombucha and making yoghurt.

My kombucha 'mother' is reproducing!

Enjoying the cooler weather! While it is nowhere near as cool as it is going to get, I have been getting into the swing of autumn with blankets in every room, apple with cinnamon sticks and cloves simmering away on the stove, chicken and puy lentil pies for dinner last night, and wearing my slippers around the house! I do think the cooler months are fast becoming my favourite time of the year.

Getting out for a bike ride. (Brannen and I - mostly me, he enjoyed the ride from the back of my bike - rode 12km of hills today to a friend's house and back. The fifteen extra kilos that Brannen provides presents a fairly hefty challenge in getting up and over those hills!)

And, sigh, tackling the ever-growing pile of washing.

What have you and yours been up to?
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