Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Red Soils And Mango Trees.

We are in Broome. We got in on Saturday night, after another mammoth (but uneventful) driving day. The weather here is so beautiful, 30 degrees and sunny.

Since we've been here, we haven't done a whole lot. We all went to the Moscow Circus on Sunday, and I've done a bit of shopping (new shoes to better support my knees which were complaining painfully after a week in my falling apart Colorados) and a wander down the beach. We took the kids to the water playground today and they had a blast splashing around there.

Nath and I went on a date night tonight while Luke and Deb looked after the kids. It was a belated celebration of my birthday (I was in Melbourne for my birthday). We went to the Z Bar for tapas and cocktails, then wandered down to Zander's on Cable Beach for another round of cocktails. Nath announced to me that he is taking me shopping for some Broome South Seas pearls tomorrow - needless to say I am very excited, as I have wanted one since I was first in Broome many moons ago.

Tomorrow we are also going out to James Price Point, the site of the proposed gas plant. We have been following the progress of this protest for a while now and are keen to visit the area and meet some of the local people there. Bob Brown (Green's leader) is there tomorrow so a formal Welcome to Country will be done. More info can be found here.

On Thursday we are heading up to Cape Leveque for a few days to stay at the Aboriginal Community owned and run Kooljaman Eco Resort. We have wanted to get up to this part of the world since we started coming to Broome years ago, but always either get waylaid (by invitations to live and work on other Aboriginal communities) or run out of time. I'm very happy to be ticking this off the travel list.

Eden eying off the peacock at Sandfire Roadhouse.

The water playground near Town Beach.

Drenched Eden.

Running the gauntlet.

Brannen trying to figure out why he keeps getting wet.

Cheeky bub, he is looking like a little boy now.

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  1. Glad you all arrived safe. Looks like you guys have settled right in xx


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