Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Girls' Day.

Just a quick one tonight.... to show off Eden's new haircut and my new pearls!!

Eden has been wanting to get her hair cut for a while now - in fact the topic comes up everytime we have to brush her hair! She has a little friend called Mia and she has been saying she wants her hair 'short like Mia's.'

So, today we went along to a hairdresser in Broome's Chinatown and got her hair done. Miya, who was adamant she would not be getting a haircut, suddenly changed her mind once we got there, and got a bit of a trim too.

I thought Eden would freak out when she saw her hair getting chopped off, but she was so happy with it, and she looks like a little lady. Miya was devastated that all of Eden's hair was gone, and I ended up having to comfort her in the middle of the hairdressers. I was feeling a bit emotional. It was actually Eden's first haircut, and was only occurring because it was her choice. I love her hair (I love it now, cut, too) and had to hide a bit of sentiment as they cut it off.

Eden having her pony cut off.

Her pony. Weird, I know. Creepy, in fact.

In progress.

Final product.

Miya's haircut, fraught with emotion.

Another view of Eden's hair.

I picked up my pearls today. I am so happy with them. Rather than the traditional pearl pendants, I chose a Broome jeweller who uses Broome South Sea pearls and makes her own glass beads. It's very 'me' and I love that its all local and handmade. Thanks, Nath!

Tomorrow we head up to Cape Leveque to stay for a few days at the Kooljaman Eco Resort. I'm not sure if we will have internet, and I won't be taking the laptop anyway, so I will blog some pics when we return.

Many congrats to Nath's bro and newest sis-in-law who celebrated their marriage in London today. With you in spirit!!


  1. LOVE the necklace! And the haircut, what a grown-up wee princess! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time Nic.

  2. Haha, only just read this post! Thanks for the congratulations ;)


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