Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life's A Beach.

We've been back in Broome since Sunday night (from Cape Leveque) and will be here until next Monday. We've been filling our days with lazing around Luke's house and going to the beach - fishing, paddling, swimming, canoeing, baking in the sun. I even went for a run along the shoreline the other night. It doesn't make for exciting blogging but boy has it been relaxing.

Nath has been working on the trailer. We are waiting for parts to arrive from Perth. If they don't come, well, we may just be stuck here for a while longer!! Apparently, five cars/trailers were towed off the Cape Leveque Road the day after we drove out. Thank goodness for bush mechanics.

We went to a little girl's birthday party today - a family we met in Cape Leveque - their daughter turned three. They are travelling around Australia so we were in the right place at the right time, their girls and our girls all became friendly, so we helped celebrate her birthday today at Broome town beach.

We are going to the Courthouse markets on Saturday, and maybe to the Broome Races too, but on holidays, plans change! We are also planning to go mudcrabbing on low tide at some point.

Some photos:

Camping playpen (Miya did this!)

They bloody well all left me here with the fishing rod!

Nath and Eden on the kayak.

Gold medal!!!!!

I loved having a paddle - my arms were killing me though.

Our 'suspension' at the end of the drive back.

Brannen's new hobby - eating his nappy inners.

Watching the girls swim while we had breakfast this morning.

The girls found a new tribe of friends and a tidal pool to play in.

Beach baby watching all the fun.
Miya and her Cape friend Bethany.

The kids found a starfish today.

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