Thursday, July 5, 2012

To family near and far....

I'm getting tired of Facebook. It's easy, it's fast, it's convenient.... it's kind of like the McDonalds of communication (and you know that is no compliment!). I stay on there to keep in contact with different groups of people in my life, but it tends to forget it's place in my life, and I find myself wasting precious time on there.
My trip to Melbourne recently was bittersweet; it was a very emotional and draining week - supporting Rach, attending Nate's funeral, being away from Nath and the girls and all with a very heavy, often unhappy wee little man as a travel companion. I was tired and ready to be home by the end. However, it was just so lovely reconnecting with David and Joy, Mezz and Bazz and the kids. I often forget to touch base with them, and other people who are not on Facebook much. I am a lazy communicator.
What I loved most was the simplicity (and meaningfulness) of their lives - their beautiful eclectic homes made me crave my own home, and the conversations around living the way we live was a wonderful reminder of why we are on the journey we are on.
I am slowly, slowly reducing my time on Facebook.... slowing down my life in general, really, as I grow more and more fond of calm and quiet days at home. I really do love blogging but have found it hard not to get swept up in blogging 'stuff' - you know, when you read one blog, and click onto another, and another, and suddenly, you have been sat for a couple of hours reading; obsessing over who is reading, followers, stats, etc etc; and suddenly, it isn't my creative place anymore.
So I'm trying out a bit of 'slow blogging' - the kind where I write as often or as little as I like only tell close family and a couple of friends about it, promote it not at all, lay out our days here and use it as a tool to keep our loved ones 'close by'.
I hope you enjoy reading about our lives, seeing the pics of our little family and keeping up to date.
Love to you all.


  1. I'm so glad that you have chosen to communicate with us in this way. More my style! And I will love reading what you have to say. Thankyou for what you wrote about your time with you know, it was special for us too. Take care and God bless your little family. Enjoy this time...they are grown up and having their own families before you know it (mind you, that's joyous too!). You may like to see my blog from time to time too...xo

  2. Hi,

    Exciting to have another blog to read. I am sure it will be right up my alley to! Look forward to chatting with you more this way!
    Taz xx


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