Monday, July 30, 2012

Are We Flippin' Well There Yet?!


We are in Monkey Mia, though, home of the dolphins. I am sitting in a darkened room while the baby sleeps next to me, with the Olympics on the telly and the computer happily on charge. Apparently July, with it's lovely mid-20-degree days and clear, blue, sunny skies is a busy time of year here in Paradise! Luckily Unfortunately for us, this meant that all the camping sites were being used by German speaking youngsters in brightly painted minivans, with tans that completely belie the fact that this is undoubtedly the first time they have seen real sunshine since they were born. We parted with a small fortune and rented a small bedsit room with a shared ensuite. We then parted with another small fortune and rented the adjoining bedsit so that a) we have our own UN-shared ensuite, and b) we have a hope of actually getting the kids to sleep (while we watch the Olympics in the other room.)

Roadtripping with kids is slightly different to roadtripping without them. They really do ask, "Are we there yet?" an extraordinary number of times. And the pleasures of snoozing in the passenger seat of a cruising vehicle seem lost on the small ones.

Anyway, we'll be here in Monkey Mia for a couple of days, before moving on to Exmouth. Tomorrow morning we are going to feed the dolphins on the beach here, and do some swimming and fishing. And, because the ocean aint big enough for them, the girls want to go for a splash in the resort pool, too.

Some pics for you from the trip and this evening's jaunt on the beach.

My super stylish and oh-so-grown-up Miya at Eneabba Roadhouse.

Only in Australia....

Spunky in his tea cosy.

The beautiful beach at Monkey Mia.

Water pixies - thank goodness for warmer evenings!


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