Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dates With My Daughters

Life is crazy here at the moment. We leave on our four week road trip to Broome in a week, and move the weekend we get back, so we have been busily preparing, not only for the holiday, but also for the move. Decluttering, donating to charity, selling unwanted goods, cleaning out each room, sorting.... it has been keeping us very busy.

Next week is the girls' last week at their current school. Eden is completely nonplussed, saying she didn't even want to go anyway because there are naughty boys at school and they bother her. Miya is, true to form, a little more complicated. She hasn't been enjoying school, to the point where we cut her school days back from three days a week to two days a week (and even then she had quite a few 'sick' days). We couldn't ever get to the bottom of why she disliked school so much. We floated the idea of homeschooling with her, but she wasn't overly impressed by that, either. But when she realised that she would be going to a new school once we move, she became quite unsettled by that, too. I think it has been playing on her mind a bit, as some of her classic 'stress' behaviours are coming to the fore.

On the weekend, Nath and I decided that I needed to take a couple of breaks from the busy-ness, so that I could take each of the girls on a 'date', one at a time. Miya decided she wanted to go to the riverside cafe here in town for a pink milkshake, then a walk around the river bridges. Eden wanted to go to a cafe on the river in Perth for lunch. Shaking aside the niggling, annoying voice inside my head complaining about the cost, I thoroughly enjoyed two afternoons' worth of fun with my lovely girls.

Miya is still worried about school - both her last week at her current school, and the change to her new one (which, incidentally, Nath and I are very hopeful about). But I do hope that we can create a soft place for her to fall when her burdens become too much.

Miya and I on the Northam footbridge.

The beautiful Swan River near Woodbridge.

Ok, maybe the cost WAS worth it!

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