Sunday, December 2, 2012

Making Christmas Fun!

December is finally here and we have well and truly got our Christmas on in this household! The 'Creativity Room' (the argument about whether it is our music room or our sewing room is ongoing....) is a hub of activity (and mess) and we are churning out Christmas projects, gifts and decorations. We still have Eden's birthday to go (in eight days - eeek!!) and probably should be sorting that out first but we have sort of been swept away by all things Christmas.

As a lot of the things I have made are gifts for people who may be reading, I won't post about them until after Christmas, but I can post about our decoration-making!

I made this wreath after going to a friend's house and flicking through her Christmas Better Homes and Gardens-y type mags. Being the cheapskate I am, I took photos of all the ideas I wanted to try and this wreath was one of them. I can't remember which magazine it was in, but that's ok, I'm about to tell you how to make it!

Take a wire coathanger and either snip off the hook part with wire cutters or bend it round on itself, then form the rest of the coathanger into a circle.
Tear strips of Christmas-y (or any colour, really!) scrap material into strips of about 3cm by 20cm. Tie the strips onto the wire circle, bunching them up really tight to make a nice fluffy, full wreath. Snip the ends of the strips off quite short, as long ones will make the wreath look a bit droopy. Don't throw the snipped bits away! I'll show you another thing to make with them in a minute.

When the wreath is full, tie on some string (and maybe a couple of bells) to hang it up with.

Now, for dealing with the snipped bits. I threaded mine with a very large-holed needle (one of the big blunt darning needles is fine) onto some twine, with a few beads along the way. The material sits quite snugly on the twine so you can space it out as you please. It makes a lovely fabric Christmas garland!

We have also been doing quite a bit of Christmas craft with the kiddies, including the 'craft swap' that my friends and I organised between ourselves. I'll fill another post on that in a few days.

Hope your Christmas planning and preparing is going well!

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