Saturday, November 24, 2012

Grubby Little Fingerprints.

I have grubby little fingerprints all over my house.

Brannen sized fingerprints, that he proudly places on every surface he can reach, as if to say, look, Mum! I am standing!


I'll be on the move, soon, and I won't need to hold onto anything anymore.

But, for now, I still need something to hold onto.

I love these grubby fingerprints. They remind me that he still needs to hold on, and I'm happy to keep holding him for a little while longer. Also, they force me to get down to Brannen's level to clean them.

It's been awhile since I have viewed the world from the height of a very young almost-toddler.

And, as he is my last one, I'm savouring the view.


It was Brannen's first birthday yesterday. We celebrated in a very low key way. He opened his two homemade presents, we played at a friend's house and had pizza in the park for dinner.

Happy Birthday, my wee little man.

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  1. happy birthday lovely boy!so glad we got to spend some time with this year while you're still a wee bubba...although we love seeing you are grow into a great little man!! auntie mazz xx


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