Monday, October 22, 2012

Please End Factory Farming

Today, I cried.

I subscribe to the Greening of Gavin and today Gavin shared a clip that moved me to tears. It was about factory farming.

Sadly, this is a problem that is not only confined to third world countries or the worlds' poor. If you buy your meat at a supermarket, this is your problem too.

Please take the time (eleven minutes.....  not so much to spare) to watch this video through to the end, and share it if it touches your soul.

Make it Possible from Animals Australia on Vimeo.

Our family proudly has nothing to do with factory farming, by buying certified organic and free range meat from The Naked Butcher, a business dedicated to providing meat with less of an ecological footprint.  We also did our research, and are aware of which farms our meat comes from, and what their animal welfare and ecological philosophies are. We raise some of our own meat, and we treat our animals incredibly well. They die as happy creatures, in a manner with as little trauma as possible. We pay more for our bought meat, but we are paying for the knowledge that another creature's life has been respectfully and humanely treated so that we can have the luxury (yes, luxury!) of eating meat.

We are making arrangements to be able to shoot our own meat, as well. Any animal we dispatch, be it a wild rabbit or a hen we have raised from chick, is done so with a sombre spirit and deep connection. We do not take for granted our responsibility.

We also eat far less meat than 'the norm'. We eat red meat less than three times a week, and much smaller servings than we once would have.  This is perhaps one of the biggest changes an individual can make, both in terms of the environment and the welfare of the animals that we as a human race are responsible for.

Don't eat naively. Watch the video. Know the impact you have. Share. Make some small changes. Please.

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  1. This is awful. I feel quite ill in the stomach. I luckily, dont feel guilty as we made the switch to free range,organic, local animal produce a very long time ago, but its not nice to know that this is happening. Thanks for sharing nic!


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