Monday, October 15, 2012

A Princess-y Kind Of Tea Party For A Princess-y Kind Of Girl.

Yesterday we celebrated Miya's birthday with friends from all her walks of life, carefully and thoughtfully selected and invited by her. The planning and organisation of this particular party has really highlighted the fact that my first baby is really growing up into an emotionally aware, social, slightly 'perfectionistic' little girl. She took to this event planning thing like a duck to water, and I was merely a slave to her wishes! Half the fun was in preparing for it, and it was every little girls' (especially princess-y kind of girls!) perfect party.

The 'cake' and fruit rainbow.

Oh, so dainty!

Miya's new writing 'nook' - a gift from our Mothers' Group.
Making crowns and wands. So much glitter!!
Pretty pink meringues, thanks Grandma.
Pass the Parcel.
Fairy Tea, anyone? (Soda water with raspberries)

The tutu I made for the winner of Pass the Parcel.
The little prizes I made for 'consolation prizes'. No sad fairies here!
Birthday girl, beautiful dress, sheepskin coat??
Present opening. Miya was so lucky.

Thanks to all who came, thanks to all who helped, and thanks to all who love our beautiful big five year old xxx

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  1. This looks like the best party for a little girl! Soda water and raspberries...yum! I love that you made the prizes too. Some of the treats on the table look good...any recipes? xx


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