Monday, October 29, 2012

A Simple Room Makeover

We love our new house, but when you move into somewhere new, there's always things you would change. The previous owners of this house were cat owners (as are we) and their cats were inside animals. They had an enclosed run to the side of our house (now our quail pen) with ramps up to the third bedroom window, meaning their cats could come and go as they pleased. This room is now our guest bedroom, and there is a little nook in there that we use for the girls' quiet writing/crafting area, and it is a much used room of the house. Unfortunately, the carpets were badly stained and smelly and no amount of steam cleaning would improve them. The curtains were also stained and smelly, and the room in general seemed dingy and unattractive.

I really wanted to create a space that our guests would feel comfortable in, somewhere warm and inviting. So yesterday, we set about transforming smelly and dingy into fresh and attractive!

This was the room BEFORE the makeover.

We started removing the carpet and underlay...

 ... revealing the most beautiful polished floorboards underneath!!

 A bit of a cleanup and meticulously removing all of the carpet staples from the floorboards....

I made some new curtains out of a pair of vintage bedsheets from my mum's linen cupboard, hung some pictures of bunting that I had made on the wall, and used an old stool that I got from freecycle as a bedside table (with a doily on top, of course!)

I put some flowers from our garden into a vase that was once my grandmother's to pretty things up some more.

Some mismatched vintage pillowcases add some character.

 Even the crafting nook had a makeover!

Every guest room needs somewhere for guests to put their suitcases! This beautiful pine box was once my 'glory box', made for me by my grandfather.

I am so pleased with how this room looks now. It's fresh, and inviting, and cost me the grand sum of...... zero dollars!! Nath is a little concerned that I'm getting all 'granny chic' on him, but I am just loving that vintage-y floral look. It is so homey and unpretentious. I'm looking forward to getting into the kids' room with my makeover on!


  1. Its just lovely! and i love love love the curtains! now i want to rearrange and decorate!

  2. love the new room nic, hopefully one day we can get off our arses and come see you guys!!! we've been doing granny chic for years, (well bazz goes for grandpa chic...) tell nath it's cheap!! (might help!) xxxx

  3. Thanks girls!! Mezz I would love to have you guys come and visit and yes I think Nath is slowly coming round to granny chic!!


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