Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Play Patch

A little doll I made for my lovely niece.
 As both of my growing-up-too-fast girls are off to school this year, Brannen and I will be finding ourselves with some time on our hands! I have decided to finally give a long-term goal of mine a good go.... establishing a little made-at-home business, selling some of my sewing projects at markets and swap meets.

Taggie Ball

Introducing The Play Patch. This casual little venture will see me sewing up lots of 'play resources'.... toys, games, dress ups, playroom decorations, toy storage bags and the like. I have enjoyed making some of these things for my own kids and their friends over the last couple of years, and would love to spread some imagination and fun onto other families too! Most of what I make will be from upcycled or thrifted fabrics, and all a bit one of a kind.

Simple Princess Tutu

My first stall will be on February the 16th, so I will be very busy getting my stock together before then. I am only doing markets this year, not orders, just in case I find it hard to fit it all in. I don't want to disappoint people by not meeting order deadlines.

Wishing Hearts

Some more pics of the types of things I will be making:

Playroom/Garden Bunting

Peek-a-Boo Bags

Fabric Travel Chalkboards


Fairy Wings

Soft Toys

Doll's Nappies

Fairy Crowns

Lego Bag/Mat

Lego Bag/Mat
I'm pretty excited, and a little bit nervous, and starting to feel that little panic that comes with having a lot to do in a very short amount of time! I have so many ideas of other things I could make, but need to start small, I think, and hopefully the first market will be a success!

If you live in WA, you will find The Play Patch at the Bakers Hill Swap Meet on February the 16th. Come and say hi!


  1. how exciting! good luck- not that you need it :)some great ideas there, am sure they will all be very popular xo

    1. Thanks Erin! Now to get it all sewn and ready.....

  2. What beautiful things! I love the Lego play mat! Good on you for doing what you would like to and I look forward to hearing about it.

    1. Thanks, Linda! Hopefully others like them too!! I'm looing forward to my first stall :)

  3. Just thought I would say 'Good Luck', your things are so beautiful

    1. Thankyou so much!! I will keep you posted, Congrats on your daughters gradings, I have just started karate and am loving it!!

  4. wonderful!hope the market goes well!

    i know ur not taking orders but when u do,ill be putting my hand up for a pair of those gorgeous fairy wings!

    clarabelle named her doll 'pink florence' btw.cute.

    c u soonish

    1. Pink Florence, what a wonderful name! Will keep those fairy wings in mind for you, maybe for a certain princess' birthday this year??

  5. I really love these! There is a definite shortage of locally made fun solutions for storage and kids toys. I was thinking of making a lego mat for my kids but couldn't find those grommet things anywhere. Wishing you all the best with your market!


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