Friday, September 21, 2012


Today, it is so wild and windy here, the kind of blustery spring day that takes you by surprise after a string of nice weather. Nath has the car at work today, so the kids and I are rattling around the house listening to the gusts blow things around outside. So far, the deck cafe blinds have unravelled and are flailing about, and one of the doors has come off the garden shed. We have also lost a branch from our newly blossoming stone fruit tree (I can't wait to find out what kind of stone fruit it is!)

The kids are all either in bed sleeping (or singing, in Eden's case) or busily crafting (Miya). Craft time is treasured time here, and I have loved the opportunities recently to whip up a few craft projects of my own.

We recently acquired a very old piano, and with it came a tired old piano stool. I covered it in a lovely grey and white fabric, then made a runner for the top of the piano to match.
I then got together some contrasting remnants I had in my fabric stash and made a matching cushion....

 ...and then I made another one, because cushions should always have friends....

I have also reupholstered my tired old rocking chair. It has earned a makeover, having been my preferred place to sit since I was pregnant with Miya.
I've had my 'make' on in the kitchen, too, with my first attempt at making chocolate from scratch (using cacao butter and cacao powder) (it was delicious!)...
... as well as bliss balls using fresh dates, cacao powder, pistachios, rice malt syrup, coconut oil and coconut.
The girls spent the morning making necklaces using beads from all my old jewellery....
... while Brannen made a mess.
What have you been making lately?


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