Monday, September 10, 2012

Far Out, I Have Time To Blog!!

Can you hear that?


Miya is at school (her new school, and it is going fabulously, thank goodness and touch wood), Eden is at her little friend's house on a play date and Brannen is in bed.

The floors are clean, the dishes done, lunch has been had and the washing basket is empty.

I have time to blog.

I did say that this blog was about me blogging when I feel like it, when it suits me, and I am certainly holding true to that!!

This post is about our new house, the scene of loads of future making, baking, sewing and growing. We are very excited and already feel at home here. Moving was dreadful and I don't plan on doing that again for a very, very long time, but we are ALL UNPACKED now and getting some rhythm back into our days.

The deck is fast becoming an 'extra room', especially as the weather is warming up during the days now. It is such a beautiful place to sit. Nath enclosed the balustrade with chicken wire (looks better than it sounds) to make it a safe place for babies to play. Kind of like a giant play pen.

 This is the girls' fairy garden (so named by them). So far there is just a hammock to adorn it but with a couple of birthdays coming up I am quite sure this little corner of the yard will soon have all the neighbourhood fairies flocking to it.

 Alongside the driveway is where the bulk of our vegetable beds will be. The fruit trees you can see there have started to blossom since this photo was taken and they are just so beautiful. We will plant more fruit trees at the front of the house, also.

Behold, our future orchard.

This is our (somewhat overgrown) backyard. At the very rear, a gate leads out onto a laneway, which conveniently takes us alost all the way to Miya's school. There is a chicken run, a garden shed, a man cave (large shed) and the pool area as well as this grassed backyard.
 My kitchen. I love it.

The kids' all-in bedroom/playroom. The rooms are so big, they have space to share as well as house all of their toys. Brannen particularly enjoys tearing all the books off the bookshelf there.

 My little meals area, with some beautiful vinyl covered chairs I picked up from Gumtree and my recipe book ladder shelf.

Happy girls. The lucky things get to be free ranged during the day as well. I am waiting for a reward in the form of increased egg production.

Our laneway, and Miya heading off for her first day at her new school.

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